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Spring 2019 Lutherville Lacrosse Registration is now closed.  There are several exciting changes and improvements made last season!  First, we partnered with US Lacrosse for our coaching development program.  Beginning last Fall, our coaches completed training through US Lacrosse as we begin to phase in a requirement for coaches to be certified through US Lacrosse’s coaches Development Program.  

The second major change was that we established our firt Club Team.  Our 2027 pioneers were hastily assembled and kicked off their inaugural season.  As many of you are aware, youth club lacrosse has had a significant impact on the landscape of lacrosse locally and most Rec. programs are investigating ways of providing the same club lacrosse experience for a fraction of the cost.  This is much more cost effective and therefore more accessible than private clubs, but had to be done in a way that did not adversely impact our charter.  All age eligible registrants were able to tryout for this team as part of our combined tryout process.  We were able to leverage this group's pioneering spirit to open the door to 3 additional boys club teams in 2020. 

Online registration for the 2019 spring season can be accessed using the following link:



Age Groups:  MYLA guidelines for age groups are determined based on the player’s age as of 9/1/2018.  Therefore, birthdate pre-empts grade.  The Boys and Girls Age Groups are as follows:
            Boys and Girls Soft Stick Program (Pre-K)
            3-4   DOB  9/1/13 - 8/31/15  

            Clinic  (K and 1st) Despite being "Clinic", there will be practices and games
5-6   DOB  9/1/11 - 8/31/13 

            Tyker (2nd and 3rd)            
            7-8   DOB  9/1/09 - 8/31/11 
            Lightning (4th and 5th)
            9-10   DOB  9/1/07 - 8/31/09  
            Midgets (6th and 7th)
            11-12   DOB  9/1/05 - 8/31/07  
            Juniors (8th and 9th)
            13-14   DOB  9/1/03 - 8/31/05  

Cost:  The donation for each age group is as follows: 
            3-4 - Boys and Girls Soft Stick Program - $65/player
            5-6, 7-8 - Boys and Girls In-house - $145/player
            9-10, 11-12 & 13-14 Boys and Girls - $175/player

Sibling Discounts:  Sibling discounts when multiple family members register at the same time.  The following discounts will apply:

Additional family members: $25 discount each. (This discount will only be available when registering multiple siblings in the same registration session.)

LTRC Lacrosse will provide all uniforms for the Boys and Girls. 

Refunds:  There will be no automatic refunds granted for any player withdrawals after January 1, 2019, unless due to medical reasons.
Equipment:  All players must provide their own equipment.  Boys must have a helmet with chin strap, mouth guard, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves and a boy’s stick.   Girls must have a mouth guard, approved eye protection and a girl’s stick.  For the 3-4 Soft Stick program, only a standard sized stick is required.  If you are new to lacrosse or want additional informaiton on lacrosse equipment from US Lacrosse click here.         

Little Ducks Boys & Girls 3-4 Program (not co-ed)- An introduction to Lacrosse through fundamental Fridays. Players will be divided into "in-house" teams and learn scooping, passing, and shooting. There are no games at this level. The ultimate goal at this division is to develop basic lacrosse skills and most importantly instill the love of the game early on.  Players are required to have a regular boys/girls stick (no fiddle sticks). It is strongly recommended sticks are cut down to a total length of 36-37in.    

Clinic In-House Program: The 5-6 & 7-8 age groups (both boys and girls) will be divided into equal teams and play in an “in-house” format only playing other Lutherville Lax teams.  All games and practices are held at the same LTRC facilities.

Clinic Travel Team BOYS:  We will form two boys team for 2nd year clinic players (1st grade/6year olds) to compete in the CARBALCO travel program.  Team selection will be based on player ratings after 5-6 in house evaluations. 

7-8 Travel Team:  Our goal is to form multiple boys and girls teams in the 7-8 age group to compete in the MYLA travel program.  Tryouts will be held prior to the start of the season for these teams.   All players registered in the 7-8 age group will be contacted prior to tryouts to determine their interest in this elective opportunity. 

MYLA Travel Program:  The 9-10, 11-12 & 13-14 age groups (both boys and girls) will hold evaluations to divide the players into teams based on ability.  These Lutherville teams will then compete against surrounding programs in the MYLA.  All players are guaranteed a spot on a team with teams consisting of players of similar aptitude and experience.

Evaluations:  Evaluations traditionally begin in mid-February and can continue through early March.  However, we may hold early evaluations in November and December based on field availability.  We will use a combination of indoor and outdoor fields to complete our evaluations.

Schedules:  Below is the best estimate of practice and game schedules based on anticipated field allocation.  (Subject to change)

Boys and Girls 3-4 Soft Stick Program: 1 week night evening per week, most likely Friday evenings from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  Day subject to change based on field allocations.


Little Ducks Boys 3-4 Program Begins March 22 and runs on Fridays from 6-7pm at Seminary Turf.

Clinic In-House 5-6 
Thursday evening practices and Sunday afternoon games.

Travel for 2nd year clinic players-- 1st grade/6 year olds. Saturday morning games.

Tyker 7-8  In-house and Travel
In-house Wednesday & Friday evening practices.  Saturday morning games.

Travel practices Friday evenings with MYLA games on Saturday afternoons.

Lightining  9-10
2 practices per week (Tuesday and Thursday) until midweek games start, then 1 practice per week.  Saturday and mid-week games.

Boys 2027 Club (4th grade)
2 practices per week (Tuesday and Thursday.  Saturday (MYLA Club League) and Sunday (HOCO Club League).  Note games (subject to change based on league participation).  Summer tournaments in MD, PA.

Midget  11-12
2 practices per week (Monday and Wednesday) until midweek games start, then 1 practice per week.  Saturday and mid-week games.

Junior  13-14
2 practices per week (Tuesday and Thursday) until midweek games start, then 1 practice per week.  Sunday and mid-week games.
Little Ducks Girls 3-4 Program Begins March 22 and runs on Fridays from 6-7pm at Seminary Turf.

Clinic  In-House  5-6
Tuesday OR Wednesday evening practices and Saturday morning games.

Tyker  7-8  In-house and Travel
In-house Tuesday  evening practices.  Sunday afternoon games 

Travel Tuesday and Thursday evening practices MYLA schedule Saturday games.

Lightning  9-10
2 practices per week (Monday and Wednesday) until midweek games start (later part of the season), then 1 practice per week.  Saturday or Sunday and mid-week games.

Midget  11-12
2 practices per week (Tuesday and Thursday) until midweek games start (later part of season), then 1 practice per week.  Saturday or Sunday and mid-week games.

Junior  13-14
2 practices per week (Monday and Wednesday) until midweek games start, then 1 practice per week.  Saturday or Sunday and mid-week games.

MYLA League Rule:  Lutherville Lacrosse plays in the MYLA.  The MYLA has a rule that each player can only register and tryout for one MYLA Program.  If Lutherville becomes aware that a player has registered for multiple Programs, the player will not be allowed to play for Lutherville and no refund will be given.

Volunteers:  Baltimore County is requiring that all Rec Council volunteers who interact with children, pass a Background Check.

Volunteers (coaches, assistant coaches, coordinators and anyone who has “Custody and/or Control of Children”) are required to register for this Background Check.  Anyone who fails to register will not be allowed to participate in LTRC activities where interaction with children takes place.  You must complete a separate online submission for each sport you are volunteering for.  To complete this process, please visit:


Use the access Code “BCGRec18” (without the quotes).

Questions:  Please contact the following individuals if you have any questions about a specific Age Group or eligibility:

Boys:  Josh Kakel,
Girls: Chris Barnes,