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LTRC Lacrosse Coaching Development Program 

Purpose:  LTRC Lacrosse is committed to investing in our coaching development program to continually improve quality of our player experience by promoting:

  1. Positive coaching and creating a rewarding and fun experience for players
  2. Teaching fundamental skills at all levels through our LTRC Lacrosse Curriculum
  3. Promoting age appropriate development of athleticism, individual skill development, team concept development and Lax IQ.  


This page is designed to be the gateway for all coaching resources.  We want our coaches to feel supported and empowered with the best coaching methods, resources and training opportunities.  We have categorized these resources into the following areas:

  1. LTRC Coaches Manual & Curriculum.  Our overarching guide to all coaching resources and a curriculum for all age groups in the program.  
  2. In-House Coach Training
  3. External Coach Training- primarily US Lacrosse Level 1 and 2 Certification as we strive to become an US Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM) program.  
  4. Resources Section of the Website  

All of these efforts are offered through the Coach Development Committee.  If you would like to be part of this effort, please email Brian Nowakowski -  bnowa@aol.com.  

Additionally in 2020, our coach development committee members will be visiting with our coaches during practices to observe and offer our assistance with access to resources needed.  We will follow up the year with a survey to parents to mark our progress.  

US Lacrosse Partnership 

LTRC continues its partnership with U.S. Lacrosse to create a detailed coaching development program and leverage their resources to teach our coaches.  The cornerstone of the partnership will be that LTRC Lacrosse will reimburse coaches (up to a certain budget) for U.S. Lacrosse Coaching Membership ($55) and Level 1 and 2 Certification.  This will allow U.S. Lacrosse to significantly discount its onfield coaching certification programs.  

Membership will provide coaches with:

  1. Access to US Lacrosse certified coaching clinics
  2. Confidence to understand the game and utilize modern coaching approaches and techniques
  3. Online resources, including the mobile coach app,  to provide drills, practice plans and a variety of resources to help them be a more successful coach and provide a better experience for their players. 

Additionally, the Coaching Development Coordinator will work with U.S. Lacrosse and various local coaches, trainers and volunteers to offer additional coaching development opportunities including mandatory in-house coaching course for all head coaches.  

LTRC will reimburse Coaches for their US Lacrosse Membership and US Lacrosse Certification upon completion of all requirements (online and on-field) for Level 1 and 2 Certification.  Please click HERE for a link to the Reimbursement Form in the Coach Development Folder.   

US Lacrosse Coach Certification

U.S. Lacrosse offers Level 1, 2, and 3 Certification along with various coaching clinics.  Once you join US Lacrosse as a coach member, everyone MUST complete the following items as part of their USL Certificaiton to ensure the safety of our children:

  1. Complete national background screening- All new and renewing adult coach memberships now require a mandatory national background screening.
  2. Complete SafeSport Training- ‚ÄčAs part of its ongoing commitment to creating a safer sports environment, US Lacrosse today launched an online education and training platform as part of its efforts in keeping abusive behavior out of lacrosse. This is a nationally mandated requirment for all sports.  
  3. Complete online training modules- see below for Level Descriptions
  4. Complete onfield clinics-see below for Level Descriptions

Click HERE for Fall On-field clinic schedule.  You must be a US Lacrosse member to sign up.

Level 1 Clinics

The Level 1 curriculum is designed to introduce coaches to the responsibilities and philosophies of coaching and how to provide a safe and athlete-centered environment that emphasizes positive growth and sportsmanship. You’ll acquire the tools to teach rules, basic individual skills and basic team concepts to beginning players of all ages.

Level 1- approx. 1.5 hrs online training, 3 hour on-field instruction

Click HERE for Fall On-field clinic schedule.

Level 2 Clinics

The Level 2 curriculum is geared toward coaching players who have an understanding of the basic skills and objectives of the game. Coaches also will learn how practice planning fits into overall tactical objectives for their season. Coaches will receive detailed instruction on building the tactical elements of their team based on overarching principles for offense, defense and transition.

Level 2- approx. 1.5 hrs online training, 4 hour on-field instruction

Click HERE for Fall On-field clinic schedule.

Level 3 Clinics

The Level 3 curriculum is geared toward coaching players that have a deep understanding of the objectives of the game. Coaches will receive detailed instruction on pregame preparation and tactics of the game. Coaches will also engage in critical thinking activities to build a higher lacrosse IQ for themselves and their team.

Level 3- approx. 1.5 hrs online training, 7 hour on-field instruction

Click HERE for Fall On-field clinic schedule.

MANDATORY Baltimore County Background Check

Note:  Balto. County Background Check required for all coaches.   You must complete this for each sport, each year.  Click here for link-  www.BaltimoreCountyMD.gov/RecreationVolunteers

Use the access Code “BCGRec19” (without the quotes).