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See below for Weather Cancellation Policy & Instructions

Click here for link to Boys and Girls Rules


Coach Instructions For LTRC MYLA Home Games at Seminary:

We have placed a white table, black chair, and manual scoreboard in the Balto County storage area.  This is the area where the person responsible for opening the gates, unlocking the goals and getting out benches sits.  It is to the left of the bathrooms.  You can get these items out for your games and please put away afterward. 

In this area is also the control board for the scoreboard and the battery which is plugged in on the right side when you walk in.   You will unplug the battery from the wall and connect to the control board for the game.  Instructions are available for the scoreboard control panel case.  Very easy.  It also has a horn function for subs (if your game and age group uses horns).  If this doesn’t work, you have the manual scoreboard.

When finished, please make sure the control board is put back into the cabinet and plug the battery in for charging. 

You will also need to put cones out for the field (end lines, restraining line, and substitution box).

Please put a copy of MYLA rules in your coaches bag.  Important to discuss with Refs before game.  Also have some extra balls for the endlines. 


Coach Instructions For LTRC MYLA Home Games at Valley Fields South (VFS) or Valley Fields North (VFN):

You will need to get table, horn, manual scoreboard from Josh (boys) or Chris (girls).   Please make arrangements in advance.   You will need a parent to serve as a scorekeeper for each game. 


Weather Cancelation Procedures- 2020

Please follow the procedures below when canceling a game due to weather.  If a game is canceled within two hours of the start time, you must notify everyone by phone (this includes referee assigners and opposing coaches), please do not rely on emails or text messages.  If referees show up to a field because someone failed to effectively communicate a cancellation, the home team will be charged.

  1.   Notify the referee assigners.  If you do not receive an email reply, you must call them to confirm that they are aware of the cancelation.

      Boys- Wes Bachur (Monday-Sat.) 

      Boys- Ken Shephard (Sundays only)

      Girls- Lea Kusner 

  1.    Include Ruthie Lavelle on the email chain so that she can update the  MYLA web site 
  1.   Call the opposing coach to confirm the cancelation and to schedule a make-up. 
  1. All coaches must provide their contact information on the MYLA web site so that emails and text messages can automatically communicate any schedule changes.  Phone numbers are also needed if the opposing coach needs to contact you.  Directions on how to do this can be found on the vertical tab of the MYLA web page or click here.


How to Register as a Coach on MYLA Website

It is imporant that at least one coach from each travel team register in MYLA.  This will allow easy communication between the coaches when there is a chance of rainout.  It will also allow you to post your scores- winning team posts score.  You can also use the MYLA website to check your schedule and league standings.  Please click here to register as a coach and link to your team.


Entering Results for Your Games

All winning coaches are to enter the game score for both teams within 24 hours of the game's completion.  Sign in to MYLA and go to your team's section of the site and click ENTER RESULTS.