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Lutherville-Timonium Lacrosse - Girls 

Thank you all for your feedback to our recent efforts regarding the future of LTRC Girls Lax and the potential for a club option.  It's been a hot topic for the past 2 years.  

Based on your feedback and our research and resources, we plan to expand our offerings for our players in two areas:

1.  Offer player development for all participants:  Historically LTRC Lax begins early February and ends the first week of June. Our goal is to expand our offerings into the fall and winter for those girls looking for additional skill-based lax training. This will give your player more time to enhance her skill set without taking away for the other in-season sports she may play. It will also provide an opportunity to develop our players to prepare them for LTRC Club or more competive Rec Divisions.  

2.  "Club", in the summer of 2020, we expect to have tryouts for a 4th grade and 5th grade "Club" teams.  The model will be a more affordable Club option with limited Fall and Winter practices that respect in-season sports and compete at a higher competitive level in our current league- Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association (MYLA) and/or the local Club league- the National Girls Lacrosse Leauge NGLL.  Tryouts will take place in July/August at the same time as other club tryouts.  We will have additional information and details throughout the Spring.  


Here is a sampling of opportunities available to all LTRC Girls Lax Athletes:


Indoor Girls Lacrosse

The 10-week season runs early October through late November. Indoor is strictly games and registration is required (please view LTRC webpage for info and sign up info). 


Drop-In Skills Sessions

We are excited to offer you some upcoming fall play days for LTRC Lax players heading into Tyker, Lightning, Midget and Junior divisions. The objective of these sessions is to give players some off-season opportunities to pick up their sticks and work on their skills in a fun, relaxed format. There is no cost for these sessions.  

Format: Our volunteer coaches will be on hand to run players through skills and drills followed by fun scrimmage action. Players will be organized into their respective age groups. 
Waiver: Each player must have a parent/guardian sign a waiver for their participation. The waiver will cover all sessions.  Please click here to print the waiver.
Signup Required: To ensure we have enough coaches as well as enough players to make a full session, we ask you to sign up for your player's age group.



Winter Training 

We are working on winter training for those that want to sharpen their skills prior to the season. Winter training would be for the months of November and December. When we finalize the winter training option, we will provide a free session for your daughter, so she can see if it is something she wants to do.  There will be a cost for this program and it will be administered by an outside organization.


*Please note that LTRC Lacrosse supports players focusing on their in-season sports. Therefore all off-season development opportunities are totally optional.



Our girls will participate in In-House and various Travel leagues based on age and ability level. 



For those girls that want to continue playing, there will be opportunities for additional tournaments that extend beyond the Spring Season. 

For our Club players, there will be open tryouts for those that would like to join a Club team. 


We know that parents are looking for the best opportunities for their daughters based on several factors and we want to be honest about where we are as a program so you can make those decisions.  We will say that while there is intense pressure for girls to:

  1. join private club teams at younger and younger ages to “secure a spot for the future”,

  2. access paid="better" coaches, and

  3. compete at the highest level year round (prioritizing lacrosse over other sports); it is important to understand the pros and cons of these teams. 

In fact, specializing on any one sport at younger ages is systematically rejected by all major sports’ governing bodies,  securing spots on club teams doesn’t last when the club needs to improve its ranking and standing, and having kids sit on the bench just to be on elite teams, isn’t for everyone.  

We also want to educate and provide parents with some perspective as they look into more competitive options for their kids while dispelling the notion that private club teams are the only option. 

  •  Click here to read an article that every Lax Parent should know by US Lacrosse. 

  •  Click here for information from US Lacrosse about the benefits of Multi Sport Athletes

  •  Click here for info on Single vs Multi Sports Athletes 


As a program, we will continue to build upon a great 2019 Spring Season and offer high quality in-house and travel opportunities as we develop the resources to start our club program and fulfill our mission of having a place for all girls to play at all competitive levels.