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2020 Age Group Coordinators:


Questions:  Please contact the following individuals if you have any questions about a specific Age Group:



Boys Indoor Coordinators- Josh Kakel josh.luthervillelax@gmail.com; (410) 913-5368 and Greg Permison

Boys 3-4 - Rob Hiken- rhiken@gmail.com

Boys 5-6 – Wink Rupprecht: wrupprecht@comcast.net; (410) 252-2916

Boys 7-8 – Joshua Kakel: josh.luthervillelax@gmail.com; (410) 913-5368

Boys 9-10 – Jeff Lange: jeff.luthervillelax@gmail.com; (410) 852-5267

Boys 11-12 – TBD FOR 2020- see commissioner

Boys 13-14 –  TBD FOR 2020- see commissioner



Girls Indoor Coordinator- Laura Lewis-Brown  laura.luthervillelax@gmail.com

Girls 3-4: Kate Kasabula- kmkasabula@gmail.com

Girls 5-6 : Matt Stromberg: matthewstromberg1@gmail.com

Girls 7-8:  Kevin Kelly:  kkellyluthervillelax@gmail.com

Girls 9-10: Sara Smith-  sara.smithlax@gmail.com

Girls 11-12: Laura Lewis-Brown: laura.luthevillelax@gmail.com

Girls 13-14:  Jeff Lange: jeff.luthervillelax@gmail.com; 




Boys Commissioner: Joshua Kakel, 

Girls Commissioner: Chris and Aimee Barnes  girlsluthervillelax@gmail.com

Registration Manager:  Dana Morgan, LTRClaxRegistrar@gmail.com

Treasurer: David Esslinger, 

Coach Development Coordinator:  Jeff Lange  jeff.luthervillelax@gmail.com

Club Director:  Jeff Lange, jeff.luthervillelax@gmail.com

Website: Jeff Lange, jeff.luthervillelax@gmail.com

Uniforms and Apparrel Committee Chair:  Laura Lewis-Brown, laura.luthervillelax@gmail.com

Spring Opening Day Committee Chair:  Brian Nowakowski  bnowa@aol.com