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Our Philosophy and Approach

Let’s face it, Club Lacrosse has gotten out of control. At its highest levels, the focus is on teams rather than players, oftentimes at the expense of player development OR, it’s a matter of bringing the club experience to the B/C level player for an exorbitant cost with limited playing time.  It’s an unsustainable path that is not benefiting the game or most importantly the player. 

LTLC wants to provide a club option for our talented players so they can stay in the program and play with their friends and classmates. 

We can offer resources that are equal to or better than local club organizations at much more reasonable costs by leveraging our access to Baltimore County Recreation and Parks fields, including lighted turf fields. 

In addition, we want our players to be afforded the opportunity to play at a high level while still being able to participate in other sports. 

We are committed to having the best coaches that put player development first and the national team rankings last and we will have all US Lacrosse Certified Coaches that are invested in the game, your kids and LTLC. 

Finally, we want to educate and provide parents with some perspective as they look into more competitive options for their kids while dispelling the notion that private club teams are the only option.  Click here to read an article that every Lax Parent should know by US Lacrosse. 

If kids are not selected for the Club team, they will be welcome to play for our Rec teams which offer opportunities to play based on age and ability.  


  • Focus on player development through player focused learning
  • Developing players to their highest potential
  • Compete at the intermediary club level to encourage multi-sport participation

Age-Appropriate Player Development

  • Utilize a Lacrosse Curriculum approach following the US Lacrosse Player Progression Book
  • Follow age-appropriate training, athletic, and lacrosse learning
  • Provide coaches, parents, and players with a clear set of age-appropriate goals for each season

USAL Athlete Development Model

 A focus on the following areas in everything we do with our players:

  • Program Designed for Player Development
  • Multi-Sport Participation
  • Small-Sided Games & Free Play
  • Physical Literacy
  • Trained Coaches
  • Fun and Kid-Centered

Playing other Sports

  • We strongly encourage players to participate in Fall and Winter sports
    • (soccer, basketball, field hockey, etc.)
  • Allows players to become multi-dimensional athletes and better develop their physical abilities

Coaching / Administration

  • Head Coaches will be at minimum US Lacrosse Level 2 Certified. 
  • All coaches receive extensive training to ensure age-appropriate instruction and player development.
  • Coaches will be committed to their team, not coaching several other teams.
  • Specialty coaches will be utilized for defense, face-offs, and goalies.
  • Each team will have a designated Team Manager to facilitate all logistics.

TEAMS FOR 2021/2022

LTLC Lacrosse administration is led by the Club Director. This NON-PAID position leverages the resources of the larger LTRC Lacrosse program.  

LTLC Lacrosse Club Director- Jeff Lange 

There is also a Girls Club Coordinator that focuses on ensuring consistency in player development and coaching.  This approach helps graduate players each year by focusing on age-appropriate skill and athletic development. 

LTLC Girls Lacrosse Club Coordinator- Sam Hudson 



While Club teams will play as LTRC and use LTRC facilities, Club Teams in these age groups are self-funded due to its elective nature. All money collected will go directly toward the Club Teams and administered through LTRC.  Every player is expected to contribute an equal amount to cover the costs.

2021/2022 Estimated Cost per player: $700-$900 based on age group.

What is covered by the Fee: 

  • USA Lacrosse Membership (additional insurance coverage and membership benefits)
  • League and referee fees
  • Tournament entry fees
  • Team provided player swag/uniform package including jersey, skirt, socks, practice pinneys, sweatshirt/warm-up 
  • Indoor field rental fees
  • Winter skills program

Value for Your Money

  • Individual Player Assessment provided to parents

  • Participation in NGLL- largest Club League in US (team specific).  2030 MYLA A League

  • Participation in multiple pre-season scrimmages with area clubs and post-season club tournaments

  • Opportunity to play at USA Lacrosse Tierney Field 

  • Dedicated program goalie coach 

  • ​Priority for turf practices (2027-2029)- Seminary Turf (resurfaced August 2019)

  • Indoor winter skills sessions

  • Opportunities for Fall play, both indoor and outdoor

  • Opportunities for USA Lacrosse sponsored events- WPLL Gamesgames/instruction, 6V6 tournaments, etc. 

  • Complete Coach Development Program with All Head Coaches US Lacrosse Level 2 Certification

 Calendar for Player Tryouts

  • If interested in a roster spot-- please contact Sam Hudson-  sam.luthervillelax@gmail.com