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Q – Why not just go to a local Club program?

A – LTLC has a rich and successful history of developing some of the best players in the world.  We are now reinvesting in our coaching program and offer a similar experience for half the price with a focus on player development over program prestige and development.  We have a rich and talented pool of athletes that now have a great option to stay together and play at a higher level.  We want to keep our kids in our community program. 

Q – Who picks the teams?  What skills are evaluated by the coaches?

A – The coaches for a particular age group are responsible for evaluating the players and choosing the team.  In addition, LTLC Teams utilize evaluators from other teams and independent evaluators outside the program. Players are evaluated not only on their skills, but also on athletic ability, team play, cooperation, attentiveness and coachability.  Modifications may need to be made due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Q – Do the coaches keep only the kids who made the team in prior years?

A – Every coach is responsible for evaluating all the players and giving each one a chance to make a team.  Players who were on the team in prior years must try out like everyone else.  There are generally openings on all teams due to development, kids moving, changing sports or other reasons.

Q – When are the team selection decisions made?

A – Coaches may begin to make decisions regarding players immediately following the conclusion of the tryout.  Offers are made at the coaches discretion.  

Q- What is the process for accepting an offer. 

A- Parents will be notified by the coach and extended and offer.  Offers can only be accepted by acknowledging the offer in writing immediately followed by paying a $250 deposit.  While offers may remain open after acceptance period, only the written acknowledgement and deposit can secure a spot on the team.  By accepting the offer, parents understand to commit to the team and its schedule.  Lacrosse will be the committment during the spring season.  If you have any concerns regarding  committment level, please discuss directly with the coach.  

Q - Is my child guaranteed playing time?

A – We encourage all coaches to actively work to give players playing time based on their ability, attitude and effort.  Each coach is given suggested guidelines based on the age group. However, the amount of playing time is not guaranteed.

Q – My child is an accomplished player, and is good enough to make a team in an older age group.  Are they allowed to play up for an older LTLC team?

A – While we recognize that some kids could make an older age/graduation team, LTLC generally does not promote players to play out of their designated age group.  However, we understand there may extenuating circumstance (including age) and the affected coaches/director may make exceptions on a case by case basis after tryouts in the appropriate age group. 

Q- What are team sizes?

A-Team sizes are kept to reasonable levels based on number of players on the field and field size.  Coaches will consider several factors regarding team size.  Coaches will limit team sizes to prevent situations that will limit playing time such as 4 midfield lines and multiple complete lines of attack, defense. 

Q- If my kids doesn’t make the team, are there other options

A-Yes!  Just because a child doesn’t make the team should not dissuade him from taking advantage of other opportunities within LTRC Lacrosse.  There will be options to be placed on a rec team based on ability level.  It is our goal to have a place to play for all ability levels at every age group.  Some kids need time and experience to hone their skills, develop their athletic ability or reach a level of maturity that complements involvement in a more competitive environment. 

Q- What is the cost of uniforms?

A- All Club teams will get a uniform package included in price.

Q- What is LTLC, I thought I was playing for LTRC?

A- Lutherville-Timonium Lacrosse Club is the Club program of LTRC.  The two entities work together to offer lacrosse for all ages and skill levels.